Barn Owl success

The Barn Owl has had a very successful year in Suffolk following a poor year in 2013 due to very cold and wintery months from January to March. With the Suffolk Community Barn Owl Project approaching 10 years and installation of over 1,700 Barn Owl boxes that has played a great boon to the rise in the Barn Owl population in Suffolk. It looks like 2014 will be a record year for breeding pairs, thanks to the favourable weather conditions which has produced an excellent vole year, one of the principal food sources for Barn Owls and which has led to larger broods, more fledging and much later broods in the year. More details can be found about this successful project, set up by SOG in 2005, on this website – SCBOP and a recent article with photos in the EADT – Barn Owl success.