BTO – Owl Survey – Help needed

As I am sure many of you are aware, the BTO is launching a series of Owl surveys over the coming months.  The first of these covers Tawny Owls, and is about to start in mid-August.  -Given Suffolk has a pretty good population of Tawny Owls, it would be great if we could get many SOG members to volunteer to help count these, especially as the initial time commitment is very small.

Full details of the survey can be found here (which includes tetrads and how to register):  BTO Project owl.  However a brief summary is provided below:

The first period of the survey is 15 August to 15 October 2018 followed by a planned repeat survey in early spring 2019 (tbc). It is hoped to repeat the survey in autumn 2019 and early spring 2020.
Survey locations based on ‘Key 10 km squares’ and associated random tetrads originally selected for the 1989 survey
Survey Point – as near to the centre of the tetrad as possible.  Do not count any owls that are definitely outside of the tetrad.
Normally, two 20 minute visits should be undertaken to each tetrad though if you can do three visits that would be even better. As standard, each visit should consist of two consecutive (no gap) 10 minute long point counts from the same point within 300m of the centre of your chosen tetrad.
Photo:  courtesy and copyright of Bill Baston
Tawny Owl chicks Layham Aug 2007 Bill Baston IMG_0637