Campaign Against Raptor Persecution

This important campaign was officially launched in October 2014 at a joint Suffolk Ornithologists’ Group and Waveney Bird Club event in Halesworth. Launched by noted journalist Simon Barnes, who will also be patron of the campaign, with a thought-provoking, humorous and passionate speech on the unlawful poisoning and killing of raptors that is not acceptable to those that love the countryside and can not be justified by those you may pick and choose what laws to follow. Raptor persecution is against the law and SOG and CARP need to work with landowners, estates and farmers to monitor and protect birds of prey and to make those who do break the law accountable for their crimes. Updates on the project can be found here – CARP NEWS.

The RSPB Investigations Unit has produced a leaflet with details on how to report a wildlife crime, what to look out for and what to report – Wild bird crime – how to report it

Below is an article from the latest SOG bulletin The Harrier on raptor persecution in East Anglia.


There have also been two articles in the East Anglian Daily Times, these are available below:

CARP – EADT Article 131014

CARP – EADT Article 231014