SOG Events

SOG runs a full calendar of indoor and outdoor events and all are welcome. The indoor talks cover a range of topics from local patches, foreign bird trips, conservation and the occasional interactive one such as demonstrations of BTO Birdtrack and bird drawing tips. They have been expanded to add more dates and run from January to April and again from September to November. Outdoor walks occur throughout the year where leaders will guide around sites and reserves.

Outdoor Events

The group has around 25 field trips a year and all are welcome. These trips are informal and fun and a good way to socialise with other birders. The leader/s can show the bird life throughout the year, help with identification and give fieldcraft tips and, if required, use of a telescope. It is a chance to visit a variety of sites around the county, and sometimes further afield,  to view the wonderful bird life we have along with other wildlife such as butterflies and dragonflies.

It is always advisable to bring sufficient food and drink and appropriate clothing and footwear on all field events.  Attendees are asked not to bring dogs.  Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.  The itinerary of the meeting may be altered by the leader on the day. Attendees are requested to read the Health and Safety information as published in Bulletin no. 128.  A copy can be obtained from the Hon Secretary.  Additional information about the field events can be obtained from leaders or Gi Grieco. Tel. 07951 482547.

For a full list of  Outdoor Events, click here.

Indoor Events

All meetings will commence at 7.30 pm.  Admission charge – £2.00 (excluding AGM which is free). Additional information on the Indoor Programme can be obtained from Adam Gretton. Tel. 01473 829156.

Please note that all indoor meetings unless stated otherwise, including the AGM, are in the Wolsey Room of the London Road Holiday Inn (IP2 0UA) on the south-west side of Ipswich near the A14/A12 Copdock roundabout.

For a full list of  Indoor Events, click here.

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Importing the SOG calendar

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