Heronries Census

This year, 2018, saw the 90th anniversary of the Heronries Census. In Suffolk, fieldworkers surveyed 12 Heronries, which supported around 95 nests. The results included two heronries that are located in very private grounds, that we have not been able to survey for many years for lack of access.

It will not be long before Herons will be thinking of nesting again, as February 2019 is not far off, I would like to capitalise on the good work of 2018.  There are two other Heronries I would like surveyed:

  1. Stanstead Great Wood, TL853484, (TL84P) near Sudbury.  There is a public footpath through the site but you still need to get permission from the Forestry Commission.
  2. Gedgrave Woods a new Heronry.

I would appreciate it if there is a birder/conservationist that frequent those areas if they would consider contacting the landowners in order to confirm the sites and to survey the number of Occupied nests in 2019.

Mick Wright

BTO RR Suffolk