Peregrine Survey 2014

Please would you contact Mick Wright if you wish to help with this survey
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Survey Methods
To ensure that the survey findings are representative of the whole of the UK and repeatable in future, the 2014 survey will aim to cover randomly selected 5km by 5km squares across the Peregrine’s UK range. The aim will be to search each square for suitable habitat (e.g. cliffs, crags, quarries, pylons, industrial buildings, cathedrals, bridges) and to look for the presence of Peregrines.

Three visits to the square are recommended between March and mid-July. The first and second visits will be used to establish the presence or otherwise of Peregrines and the third visit to look for evidence of breeding success or as a further check for Peregrine presence in squares in which Peregrine detection may be particularly challenging.

Searches for Peregrines need only be carried out in potentially suitable habitat, so only where there is a chance that a breeding pair could be found. Once you have confirmed that a square holds no potentially suitable nest sites, you can mark a square as done. In the majority of cases, this will require a visit to the square to confirm that the absence of features such as tall buildings, pylons and quarries that may allow Peregrines to nest.

Recording sheets
These will comprise Summary Sheets and Nest Information Sheets, both of which will be available for distribution shortly. All survey participants who are allocated a square will be given a Summary Sheet for the square, which should be used to provide a summary of the breeding sites found in the square, the dates (and approximate durations) of visits made to the square, and the contact information for the survey participant. Each summary sheet will be accompanied by a map of the square, which can be used to identify areas with potentially suitable habitat, to help plan survey visits, and (if returned with the summary sheet) to record locational information.

Please see map for areas that require a surveyor.

Peregrine Survey 2014 - possible survey areas
Peregrine Survey 2014 – possible survey areas

For more information please contact me.

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