SOG Surveying

Late in 2011 the Group learnt that Viridor were seeking some help with biodiversity monitoring at one of their recently capped Suffolk landfill sites. Following discussions SOG’s not-for-profit surveying resource was duly appointed to survey this site’s bird life in 2012.


– Biodiversity monitoring –


SOG were commissioned not only to conduct a BBS style survey of the site, paying special attention to three of the site’s BAP targets (Barn Owl, Brown Hare and Skylark), but also undertook a dragonfly survey and a botanical review and in the 2014 season will be monitoring butterflies too.


The SOG’s input that first year benefited Viridor as well as several pairs of nesting Skylarks, due to a SOG-inspired alteration to the site’s mowing regime. As a consequence SOG were not only invited to continue to monitor this site into 2013, but now on into 2014 as well, but with a wider remit to determine the site’s small mammals population and devote more time to monitoring its Skylark population.

– Reasonable rates a real benefit –

 Not only contributing to the area’s biodiversity through its recommendations, but this SOG activity has also significantly benefitted the Group financially. Surveying time is charged out at a very modest £80.00 per surveyor day, as well as expenses – which last goes to the surveyor.


The fact that SOG is a charity means there’s an additional tax benefit accruing to commercial organisations using this SOG service.


So SOG Surveying is naturally keen to extend this worthwhile activity to other potential customers. Should any members be willing to act either as a SOG surveyor and/or know of any potential projects, please contact either Phil Brown ( or Phil Whittaker (