SORC record status 2012

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Updated 28.09.2013

01/01/2012 Blue Fulmar Minsmere J H Grant A
01/01/12 –   30/01/12 Green -winged Teal Alton Water L G Woods A
04/01/2012 Hooded Crow Beccles Marsh C Buttle A
13/01/12 –   25/01/12 Black Brant Hollesley / Gedgrave D Fairhurst A
15/01/2012 Ferruginous Duck Lakenheath NP
01/02/12 –   04/02/12 American Wigeon North Warren T Hodge A 1st winter Male
04/02/12 –   20/02/12 Hooded Crow Minsmere/Eastbridge S Rutt A
07/02/12 –   31/3/12 Greenland   White-fronted Goose Gedgrave / Boyton D Fairhurst A Male
20/02/12 –   29/02/12 Greenland   White-fronted Goose North Warren D Fairhurst A Female
21/02/2012 Rough-legged Buzzard Butley / Boyton S Pitrowski + S   Abbott A
11/03/12 –   20/03/12 Hooded Crow Boyton N Sillett A
11/03/2012 Raven Kings Forest C Jakes et al A
12/03/2012 Raven Covehithe C Buttle A North at 11.20am
25/03/12 –   31/03/12 Green-winged Teal Minsmere D Fairhurst A Male
08/04/2012 Hooded Crow Lowestfoft A Easton A Different to Boyton   bird
10/04/2012 Serin LBO J Zantboer + N Odin   et al A
11/04/12-12/04/12 Serin Lowestfoft S Jones A
24/04/2012 Little Bunting LBO N Croft A
28/04/12-29/04/12 Alpine Swift Lowestoft P Ransome A
30/04/12-13/07/12 Serin LBO P J Holmes, G Bennet   + N Odin et al A Assumed to be same   female throughout the spring
04/05/2012 Serin LBO W J Brame A Male singing at   customs
04/05/2012 Grey-headed Wagtail Trimley P J Holmes A Male
06/05/2012 Tawny Pipit LBO E W Patrick + M   Piotrowski A
07/05/2012 Honey Buzzard Ipswich L G Woods + J Woods A
07/05/2012 Montagu’s Harrier Orfordness M Marsh + D Crawshaw A (Photo)
10/05/2012 White Stork Sudbury P Rowe A
12/05/2012 Red-rumped Swallow Minsmere P Green A 2 birds
13/05/2012 Red – rumped Swallow East Lane L G Woods A
25/05/2012 Rose-coloured   Starling LBO P J Holmes + G Bennet A 1st summer
26/05/2012 Marsh Warbler Orfordness M Marsh + D Crawshaw A (Photo) + Trapped and   Ringed
26/05/2012 Marsh Warbler LBO R Duncan + G Bennet A Trapped and ringed
26/05/2012 Greenish Warbler LBO J Zantboer et al A Trapped and ringed
26/05/2012 Icterine Warbler Corton A
27/05/12 –   29/05/12 Marsh Warbler Gt Livermere M Wright A
28/05/2012 Marsh Warbler LBO G Bennet et al A Dutch control
29/05/2012 Marsh Warbler LBO G Bennet et al A Trapped and ringed
30/05/12 –   31/05/12 Red-footed Falcon Minsmere A Lees A Female
01/06/2012 Raven Wangford B J Small A
08/06/2012 Rose-coloured   Starling Hollesley Heath E W Patrick + G   Button A
10/06/2012 Woodchat Shrike Walberswick C Buttle A
10/06/2012 Bee-eater Dingle C Buttle A
11/06/2012 American Golden   Plover LBO P Oldfield + W J   Brame A
19/06/12 –   20/06/12 Woodchat Shrike Gunton A
28/06/2012 Raven Melton S Abbott et al A
02/07/2012 Red-necked Phalarope Minsmere G Driver A Male (Photo)
05/07/2012 Honey Buzzard Minsmere T Harris A (Photo)
22/07/2012 White-rumped   Sandpiper Havergate D Fairhurst A (Photo)
28/07/2012 White-winged Black   Tern Minsmere A (Photo)
29/07/12 –   30/07/12 White-winged Black   Tern Alton Water A Same as Minsmere   (Photo)
29/07/2012 White-winged Black   Tern Orfordness M Marsh + D Crawshaw A (Photo)
31/07/12 –   22/08/12 Ferruginous Duck Minsmere Gi Grieco + D   Pearsons A (Photo)
24/07/2012 Honey Buzzard Westleton J A Rowlands A
12/08/2012 Montagu’s Harrier Sizewell R Chittenden A (Photo) Wing tagged   from Holland
20/08/2012 Honey Buzzard Hen Reedbeds C Fulcher A
31/08/2012 Honey Buzzard Thorpeness NP Dark Morph Juv
01/09/2012 Common Rosefinch Orfordness M Marsh + D Crawshaw A Juv ( Photo)
02/09/2012 Montagu’s Harrier Havergate D Fairhurst + K   Alexander A Juv ( Photo)
10/09/12 –   15/09/12 Montagu’s Harrier Minsmere M Riley et al A Juv (Multi Observed)
12/09/12   -23/09/12 Montagu’s Harrier Boyton/Gedgrave P Whittaker + S   Abbott A Juv (Photo)
21/09/12 –   22/09/12 Dotterel Havergate P Gallagher A Juv (Photo)
23/09/2012 Cory’s Shearwater Southwold Gi Grieco + A Gooding A 2 North at 8.05
23/09/2012 Cory’s Shearwater Sizewell D Pearsons A 1 North 13.20
23/09/2012 Cory’s Shearwater Thorpeness S Mayson A 2 North 7.53
23/09/2012 Sabine’s Gull Thorpeness S Mayson A North 9.50
23/09/2012 Sabine’s Gull Thorpeness L G Woods A North 8.05
23/09/2012 Cory’s Shearwater Sizewell S Abbott A 2 North 7.58
23/09/2012 Cory’s Shearwater Sizewell S Abbott A North 8.40
23/09/2012 Cory’s Shearwater Sizewell S Abbott A North 13.20
07/10/2012 Hooded Crow LBO W J Brame, P Oldfield   et al A South ( Multi   Observed)
11/10/2012 Red-breasted   Flycatcher Southwold C Fulcher, S Mayson +   L G Woods A ( Photo)
20/10/2012 Hooded Crow Benacre E Lucking A (Photo)
20/10/2012 Common Rosefinch Orfordness M Marsh + D Crawshaw A Trapped (Photo)
24/10/2012 Red-breasted   Flycatcher Hopton A Easton A (Photo)
25/10/12 –   29/10/12 Barred Warbler Minsmere E W Patrick et al A Sluice Bushes (Photo)
28/10/2012 Red-breasted   Flycatcher Alton Water NP
30/10/2012 Radde’s Warbler Hollesley R Duncan, O Slessor   et al A (Photo)
31/10/2012 Richard’s Pipit Dingle B J Small S
02/11/2012 Barred Warbler Minsmere A North Bushes (Photo)
08/11/12 –   11/11/12 Richard’s Pipit Covehithe C Fulcher A (Photo)
14/12/2012 Surf Scoter Minsmere P Imm Male