SORC record status 2015

03/01/2015 Raven Butley/Boyton M J Cornish A
04/01/2015 Raven Bawdsey Quay S Abbott + D Herman A
07/01/15 – 23/03/15 Richards Pipit Breydon South Wall James Brown A Photographed
02/02/15 – 28/03/15 Black Brant Shotley Marshes Multi observed A
15/02/15 – 23/03/15 Richards Pipit Breydon South Wall Multi observed A
15/03/2015 White-tailed Eagle Micklemere A Photographed
19/03/2015 White-tailed Eagle Minsmere A South 16.30
19/03/2015 White-tailed Eagle Sizewell J H Grant A South 16.45
20/03/2015 White-tailed Eagle Breydon South Wall A
20/03/2015 White-tailed Eagle Benacre A In tree at approx 8am
20/03/2015 White-tailed Eagle Minsmere A North offshore at 6.10am
0/03/15 – 22/03/15 Raven Benacre Multi Observed A
20/03/2015 White Stork Southwold D Fairhurst A
21/03/15 – 22/03/15 Ferruginous Duck Lakenheath RSPB K Puttick et al A
23/03/2015 White-tailed Eagle Sizewell J H Grant A South at 13.39
23/03/2015 White-tailed Eagle Felixstowe Docks / LBO C Bridge / M Marsh A
06/04/15 – 08/04/15 Raven Foxhall Multi Observed A
07/04/2015 Lesser Scaup Trimley SWT P J Holmes A Photographed
23/04/2015 Serin Landguard P J Holmes A Female
26/04/2015 Dotterel Minsmere R Drew A 2 birds (Photographed)
26/04/2015 Serin Landguard B Macdonald + S H Piotrowski A 3 Birds (2 males)
19/04/2015 Red-footed Falcon Minsmere I Barthorpe A Male
21/04/2015 White-tailed Eagle Boyton G Lowe A
07/05/2015 G H Wagtail Trimley SWT P J Holmes A Photographed
10/05/2015 Bee-eater Corton C Shaw A Photographed
13/05/2015 Black Kite Shingle Street P R Kennerley A
15/05/2015 Red-Spotted Bluethroat Minsmere D Elliot A Photographed
14/05/15 – 15/05/15 G H Wagtail Trimley SWT P J Holmes A Photographed
16/05/2015 Serin Landguard P J Holmes A Photographed
16/05/2015 Red-rumped Swallow Loompit Lake R Biddle A Photographed
18/05/15 – 26/05/15 Red-necked Phalarope Minsmere P Phillips A Photographed
18/05/2015 Montagu’s Harrier Brettenham D Carr A Photographed (1st summer female)
20/05/2015 G H Wagtail Tinkers Marsh C Fulcher A
30/05/15 – 31/05/15 Red-necked Phalarope Minsmere A Photographed
07/06/2015 Red-rumped Swallow LBO C Bridge A Photographed
08/06/2015 Cattle Egret Felixstowe P Oldfield A
14/06/2015 Marsh Warbler LBO N Odin, P Oldfield + W J Brame A Trapped and ringed
15/06/2015 Bee-eater Minsmere A Photographed
19/06/2015 Bee-eater Minsmere A Rowlands A 10 north
22/06/15 – 23/06/15 Red-necked Phalarope Micklemere J Walshe A Photographed
28/06/2015 Cattle Egret Trimley SWT P J Holmes A Photographed
29/06/2015 Honey Buzzard Stowupland B Moyes A
03/07/2015 Marsh Warbler Carlton Marshes J A Brown et al A
05/07/2015 Bee-eater Leiston A Rowlands A 10 birds
07/07/15 – 08/07/15 Honey Buzzard Minsmere P Green et al A
07/07/15 – 10/07/15 Bee-eater Theberton M Cartwright A 10 birds
09/07/2015 Honey Buzzard Theberton A Rowlands A same as Minsmere
10/07/2015 Bee-eater Minsmere P Green + R Harvey A 5+ Birds
14/07/15 – 17/08/2015 Purple Heron Kingsfleet W J Brame A
21-22/07/15 Black Kite Witnesham NP
23/07/2015 Bee-eater Covehithe R & M Berry A 2 birds (photographed)
31/07/2015 Red-necked Phalarope Levington Marina P J Holmes A
02/08/2015 Bee-eater Minsmere D F Walsh A 1 bird over the car park
02/08/2015 Serin Landguard N Odin A
07/08/2015 Serin Landguard M May + C Bridge A
12/08/15 – 17/08/15 Purple Heron Carlton Marshes A Juvenile recovered off Southwold
15/08/2015 Serin Landguard N Odin A
23/08/2015 Red-necked Phalarope Hollesley RSPB M Deanes A
25/08/2015 Icterine Warbler Bawdsey Gi Grieco, D Pearsons + S Abbott A
26/08/2015 Balearic Shearwater Southwold B J Small S 5 birds
31/08/2015 Balearic Shearwater Southwold C Fulcher A
01/09/2015 Barred Warbler Gunton  A Easton et al A
02/09/2015 Honey Buzzard Hollesley RSPB D Fairhurst + PR & JA Kennerley A
05/09/2015 Barred Warbler Southwold C Fulcher + LG Woods A
09/09/2015 Black-throated Diver Southwold C Fulcher et al S
09/09/15 – 11/09/15 Red-necked Phalarope Minsmere J H Grant A
09/09/15 – 13/09/15 Barred Warbler Minsmere A
10/09/15 – 12/09/15 Red-necked Phalarope Hollesley RSPB P R Kennerley A
12/09/15 – 18/09/15 Red-necked Phalarope Hollesley RSPB D Fairhurst A
12/09/2015 Icterine Warbler Landguard P J Holmes A
13/09/2015 Grey-headed Wagtail Walberswick B J Small A
27/09/2015 Red-breasted Flycatcher Orfordness M Marsh et al A Trapped and ringed
10/10/2015 Black-throated Diver Southwold B J Small + D F Walsh A 3 birds
10/10/2015 Cory’s Shearwater Southwold B J Small S
11/10/2015 Sabine’s Gull Corton M Robertson S
11/10/2015 Pallas’s Warbler Orfordness M Marsh et al A Trapped and ringed
13/10/2015 Black-throated Diver Thorpeness S Mayson + L G Woods A
18/10/2015 Pallas’s Warbler Orfordness M Marsh et al A Trapped and ringed
18/10/2015 Rough-legged Buzzard Easton Bavents  B J Small A
18/09/15 – 19/09/15 Penduline Tit Minsmere P Phillips A 2 birds
20/10/2015 Serin Southwold C Fulcher S
20/10/2015 Rough-legged Buzzard Minsmere J H Grant et al A
20/10/2015 Rough-legged Buzzard Thorpeness Gi Grieco, D Pearsons + D F Walsh A
20/10/2015 Rough-legged Buzzard Alderton  W J Brame A
26/010/15 – 27/10/15 Pallas’s Warbler LBO M May + C Bridge A Trapped and ringed