The Harrier

The Suffolk Ornithologists’ Group produces a quarterly magazine, The Harrier.

Harrier 189 - Summer 2017 COVER


The latest issue, No.189, covers the following topics:

  • A letter to SOG from John Grant
  • SOS Swift Update (Edward Jackson)
  • West to East continued (David and Margie Carter)
  • The Aerobatic Waltz (Rasik Bhadresa)
  • Heathland restoration – Mumberry Hills project (Ian Barthorpe)
  • A SOG Exile off Madeira – Pterodroma (Stephen Rutt)
  • A Year in the Straits (Simon Tonkin & Niki Williamson)
  • Spring Bird Review (Eddie Marsh / Eddie Bathgate)
  • Neck-ringed Geese (Eddie Marsh)
  • Field Trip reports – Eastbridge / Shingle Street / Stanta
  • Poetry Corner (Alison Ballantyne)

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