Wetland Bird Survey WeBS

BTO/WWT/RSPB/JNCC is a joint scheme to monitor non-breeding waterbirds in the UK. The principle aims of the scheme are to identify population sizes, to determine trends in numbers and distribution, and to identify important sites for waterbirds. Monthly coordinating counts are required for all our estuaries and inland water-bodies.

The co-coordinated counts are carried out once per month on spring tides.

WeBS counts can now be entered online see www.bto.org/webs.

Due to several stalwarts having to retire after many years of counting waterbirds I now have several vacant sections on the Orwell that requires a fieldworker.

The sections are:-

  • Ipswich Docks = Wet Dock, Lock gates and Fox’s Marina to the Orwell Bridge.
  • Strand.
  • Freston
  • Levington Creek
  • Loompit Lake and Marina wall

 If you can help with this very important survey then please contact me for more details.

Tel: 01473 721486

Email: micktwright@btinternet.com

WeBS counts can now be entered online see www.bto.org/webs.

We are always looking for new fieldworkers to take over vacant plots or to become a reserve counter.